Life of a Chemistry Student at NEU

Jun 12

Hi Everyone!

I know that it has been quite a while since my last post but my post-graduate life has jumped to a very quick start! Graduating at the beginning of May was such an incredible experience. The ceremony was so well done and I have to say it was definitely the first graduation that I didn’t want to fall asleep at. Colin Powell was an incredible speaker and really engaged the graduating class in his commencement speech (rated one of the best this year!).

In the past few weeks I have been working full time in my lab on campus where I am finishing up my project until I start my fulltime position at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in August. Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to travel with my lab to the American Society of Mass Spectrometry Conference in Vancouver, Canada. During this week long conference I had the opporunity to present some of my research, attend many talks, and network with scientists from all over the world. It was a great chance to make some new connections and learn more about new advancements in the field of mass spectrometry.

This past weekend I took advantage of the nice weather and went camping and white water rafting in Maine. I have to say that Maine is by far one of the most beautiful states in the country and a part of me wants to drop everything and live in the mountains :P

Life as a Northeastern graduate has just begun and I have to say that it doesn’t feel real yet! Sometimes I feel that I’m just going on a very long co-op ;)

May 01

I apologize for the absence the past couple of weeks! Getting ready for graduation has been quite the whirlwind. The past few weeks have been full of excitement, anticipation, and nostalgia. I am so excited to be graduating from Northeastern on Friday but I am also extremely sad to leave.

A couple of weeks ago I was honored to be named one of the top 100 most influential seniors as well as a recipient of the outstanding co-op award. These two awards just remind me of how much I have enjoyed my time here at NEU and what this university has done for me. The co-ops I have had and the student life that I have been a part of has truly molded me into who I am today. It’s crazy to believe that just four years ago I was finishing up my Freshman year! My advice to all of those beginning their undergrads soon is to enjoy every minute of it and don’t take any of it for granted :)

This past weekend I went with my big brother in my fraternity to visit my sister in Denver. My big has just been accepted into a clinical counseling doctorate program at University of Denver and so this trip was meant to show him what Denver and Colorado is all about. These past few days have been amazing! We had a chance to go check out the university (which is beautiful), sightsee around Denver, go to a Rockies game, and hike in one of the Rocky Mountain National parks. It has been such an awesome weekend and I think my big is now very excited to start school here in the fall. As I write this I am getting ready to board my flight back to boston on a redeye to enjoy the rest of Senior Week before I graduate on Friday. Whoop! :)

Apr 02

Spring is arriving in Krentzman Quad! Flowers are blooming all over campus :)

Spring is arriving in Krentzman Quad! Flowers are blooming all over campus :)

Mar 29

Hi Everyone!

The past couple of weeks have been amazing. My spring break was spent on a cruise in the Carribean and it was absolutely relaxing. The highlight of the trip was probably when we stopped in cozumel. The group of us rented mopeds and drove to the other side of the island where we hung out at a beach bar all day. It was the most beautiful and relaxing part of the trip. We also took some time to do yoga on the beach :)

After my trip we jumped right into the swing of things. Relay for Life is a major fundraising that I am the event co-chair for. It is the largest fundraiser in the world and it raises money for the American Cancer Society to support cancer research, patient care, education, and advocacy efforts. I have been involved with Relay and Colleges Against Cancer, the student group that puts it on, since my Freshman year. This year we had our best Relay for Life yet in Matthews Arena. There were over 1,800 participants, 144 teams, and we raised 150,000 dollars!! Throughout the night we had student groups perform, student survivors speak, activities, and many games. It was the biggest co-ed sleepover ever :) One of the best activities was Zumba which everyone got into!

Finally this past week has been amazing. Every year all of the fraternities and sororities participate in Greek Week which is a week long series of events and speakers. The biggest event of greek week is easily greek sing. Greek sing is an event where each fraternity and sorority puts on a 6 minute dance number in Blackman auditorium and then a panel of judges decide who wins. For the last two years my fraternity, Beta Theta Pi, has come in first! Last night we were able to repeat that by winning again with Sigma Sigma Sigma and Phi Delta Psi! The theme of our performance was Pirates of the Carribbean and Captain Jack Sparrow was played by yours truly :) I have finally learned the pain of trying to try off eyeliner, so much work!

Anonymous said: If you were to minor in music recording (four semester classes) would you have time to do so? This is what I would be planning to do as well as take pre med classes.

Hey there!

I say it all depends on the person but personally I think it is very feasible to have a minor in music recording while completing all of your pre-med requirements. The amount of classes you need to take in order to apply to medical school is actually not that large. I think it would be roughly 30 credit hours out of the ~130 that you’ll complete. I have a minor in psychology and I found no problems completing that along with my major in chemistry and all of my pre-medicine requirements. I hope this helps in answering your question!

Mar 06

The beginning of our spring break! After missing our cruise in Miami due to flight delays, American Airlines flew us to the first port of call in Roaton, Honduras! We’re hanging at the beach till we catch our cruise tomorrow :)

The beginning of our spring break! After missing our cruise in Miami due to flight delays, American Airlines flew us to the first port of call in Roaton, Honduras! We’re hanging at the beach till we catch our cruise tomorrow :)

Mar 02

Snow covered Centennial Quad! I love how it snows just in time for Spring Break :)

Snow covered Centennial Quad! I love how it snows just in time for Spring Break :)

Feb 29

Bring on the warm weather!

It is currently midterm week and the only thing getting me through this week is the fact that at this time next week I will be on a cruise in the Carribean :)

The Spring semester has been flying by as I have been busy with research in my lab on campus and preparing for Relay for Life this March 24th in Matthews Arena. I really can’t believe that in less than 60 days I will no longer be an undergraduate student. Its pretty wild that four years have gone by so fast and I’m beginning to become nostalgic about everything on campus. For example, as I was pulling my all-nighter in the library on Sunday night, I couldn’t help be reminisce on all of the long nights I have had in the library. There have been so many midterms and finals weeks where I spent hours and hours studying with the frequent breaks of Facebook and Youtube. My advice to all those students out there starting college next year is to enjoy every single moment of it :)

The weather in Boston has been so bizarre this winter! Just a few days ago it was in the 50’s and sunny. People were wearing shorts and acting like it was already Spring! Today however we are receiving 2-8 inches of snow. I’m convinced, the world must be ending this year :P

Feb 06

Hi Everyone! I know its been awhile since my last post but I will be checking in more often! The past month of my final semester has been off to a crazy start already.

I was planning on taking my MCAT this April and applying to medical school this June. Because of all the responsibility I have taken on this semester, I am finding that I don’t have enough time to study for the MCAT as I would like. Thus, I have recently decided that I will be postponing medical school another year. This decision has been a huge relief and weight off of my shoulders. Now I can focus on my research and Relay for Life which is coming up around the corner!

Lately, the majority of my time has been dedicated to planning Relay for Life and to running my student group Colleges Against Cancer. Its been an amazing year so far and I will be extremely sad to leave this May. I have been with CAC since my freshman year and it has been such a rewarding experience for me. I have made some unbelievable friends and participated in some awesome events that I will never forget. I encourage all of the prospective students that may be reading this blog to get involved with student life in college. Its such a unique experience and it really helps you grow as a leader and as a person.

This past weekend I went to NYC to visit my sister who is interning there and my mother who came to see the both of us. The weekend was so much fun! We went to get last minute tickets to see Spiderman the Musical and I got a 5th row seat! The special effects were awesome and I was happy to see that they fixed all of the issues with the flying spidermen. Yesterday I was supposed to take an early bus back to go to a friend’s superbowl party here in Boston but after missing my first two buses, I figured it was a sign to stay in NYC for the day. Thus, sadly I ended up taking a later bus and missing the whole superbowl game. To be honest though, I was only upset about missing the commercials and Madonna :P

Now I’m off to another busy week with classes and lab, gotta love Mondays! I plan on checking in more often from here on out so be expecting more of me :)

Jan 13

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” — Robert Collier